Travel Etiquette in Hamamatsu

There are entire books dedicated to the topic of manners in Japan, but here are a few pointers to make for smoother travels in Hamamatsu and across Japan, as well as make you a more confident traveler!

These tips are useful not just in Hamamatsu, but across Japan.


You may have to remove your shoes indoors.

Keep the dirt outside! When entering many temples, houses, and traditional inns/ryokan, be aware that you may be asked to remove your shoes. When stepping on tatami, please make sure you are either barefoot or in socks. Locations where shoes are not permitted indoors can be recognized by either shelving or an entryway at which to leave your shoes.


Do not tip.

Though common in some countries, tipping is not the custom in Japan. Instead, just offer a business your thanks by saying "Arigatou gozaimasu."


Please carry your trash home.

Unlike in some countries, public garbage cans are something of a rarity in Japan. Though there should be a small dustbin at your place of lodging, you should be prepared to carry any trash with you throughout the day, as you are unlikely to find garbage cans on the street. Of course, don't litter! Help to preserve Hamamatsu's scenery for all to enjoy.


Please line up.

Be sure to line up at the back of queues, whether at a restaurant, ticket machine, or for entrance to a location or event.


Refrain from eating or talking on the phone on public transport.

Speaking loudly on the phone in trains and buses is generally considered poor manners. Also, please refrain from eating food--especially messy or smelly food!--on public transit.


Be aware of room rates.

Overnight accomodations are typically priced with the cost per person. Be aware that staying in a room with additional people will likely cause the cost of your stay to increase.


COVID-19 Precautions

Shops, restaurants, and public facilities may have other guidelines in place to protect customers and staff from potential infection with COVID-19. Please cooperate with requests to wear masks and use hand sanitizer, etc.

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