Seasons & Climate

In addition to climate information for each season, we will also introduce events and activities perfect for each season.


Spring (March-May)

When winter is over, the flowers begin to bloom and you can really feel the breath of spring! Enjoy spring in Japan with the cherry blossoms that bloom in Hamamatsu Castle and Flower Park!

Average maximum temperature : 18.9°C / 66.0°F

Average lowest temperature : 10.2°C / 50.7°F

Recommended Spring Activities Featured Spring Events

Summer (June-August)

Despite the heat, there are tons of events in the summer! Fireworks, festivals, and summer leisure make for a memorable stay in Japan.

Average maximum temperature : 29.1℃ / 84.4℉

Average lowest temperature : 22.2℃ / 72.0℉

Recommended Summer Activities Featured Summer Events

Fall (September-November)

When the leaves begin to change, then autumn has arrived! The scenery at Kanzanji is colorful and makes for a truly a magnificent view!

Average maximum temperature : 23.2℃ / 73.8℉

Average lowest temperature : 15.6℃ / 60.1℉

Recommended Fall Activities Featured Fall Events

Winter (December-February)

In the winter, illumination events color the city! Stay warm and enjoy the winter nights in Hamamatsu.

Average maximum temperature : 11.5℃ / 52.7℉

Average lowest temperature : 3.0℃ / 37.4℉

Recommended Winter Activities Featured Winter Events
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