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Hamamatsu is famous for its production of motorcycles and musical instruments, as well as its delicious eels. But that's not all! Learn more about seasonal events, popular locations, and hidden gems! We'll introduce the best of Hamamatsu.

Chakabuki: A Fun Way to Experience Shizuoka’s Tea Culture in Hamamatsu

Green tea is Shizuoka’s most famous local product. More than just a beverage, tea is deeply rooted in the culture and daily lives of the people living in this region.

If you visit Hamamatsu, you might hear about a local custom called Chakabuki. This traditional game is a competition between several participants who have to guess the type of tea they are drinking! Chakabuki started as a form of entertainment at social gatherings centuries ago. It is now part of Hamamatsu’s cultural heritage.

Read on to learn how Chakabuki is played and where you can experience it in Hamamatsu.