Take a closer look into a traditional Japanese industry

June 22, 2022

The yukata, a light cotton kimono, is the typical traditional wear during summer in Japan. The main production areas for traditional yukata are found in three cities: Tokyo, Osaka, and Hamamatsu. The traditional yukata uses a dyeing technique called Chusen Some, which describes how the dyes are poured (“chusen” meaning pouring dyes) from a kettle onto fabric. The sight of colors mixing as dyes are poured from several different kettles is a mark of true artistry. Moreover, you can observe this very artistry at the Nihashi Dyeing Factory! During this hands-on experience, watch a craftsperson up close and even dye a tenugui (cotton hand towel) yourself. Wouldn’t you like to combine various colors while personalizing your very own tenugui?

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