Amazing Garden Lake Hamana

July 13, 2022

The Hamamatsu area is one of Japan’s leading flower production areas. There are many parks nearby where visitors can admire and enjoy splendid blooms. Included here are seven gardens the government has officially designated as part of Japan’s Garden Tourism Project. In addition to Hamamatsu Flower Park—a popular floral theme park—and Hamanako Garden Park, there are traditional Japanese-style gardens at Hamamatsu Castle Park Shointei Tea House and Ryotanji Temple. While these are all referred to as parks, each one offers a uniquely different scenery that visitors can enjoy. Within the same park, cherry blossoms come alive in the spring, while colorful autumn foliage appears in the fall. This allows visitors to enjoy the changing scenery and atmosphere of each season. Do visit these parks in Hamamatsu and take in the amazing seasonal colors!

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Amazing Garden Lake Hamana



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