Hamamatsu and Japan’s Automobile Industry

August 24, 2022

You probably think of automobiles and motorcycles upon hearing someone mention Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha. These three companies all got their start in Hamamatsu. Even today, Hamamatsu City is home to Suzuki’s headquarters and Honda and Yamaha factories. There are several places where visitors can experience Hamamatsu’s automobile industry. The first is Suzuki’s company museum called Suzuki Plaza. The second spot is the Soichiro Honda Craftsmanship Center, which follows the footsteps of Honda’s founder Soichiro Honda. The third is INNOVATION ROAD, a corporate museum featuring the early beginnings of the motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha (Yamaha Motors Company). Why not take a close-up look at the origins of Japan’s automobile industry in Hamamatsu?

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