Hamamatsu City Is Famous for Its Gyoza

October 26, 2022

Even in Japan, Hamamatsu City is famous for its high consumption of gyoza. It’s said that there are currently over 300 shops in Hamamatsu City serving these delicious dumplings.

Japan’s gyoza culture began after the end of World War II. Restaurants in various parts of the country began offering gyoza on their menus, run by Japanese people returning home from China. However, gyoza was already being eaten in Hamamatsu City decades earlier, starting from the Taisho Period (1912-1926).

One distinguishing characteristic of Hamamatsu gyoza is the filling. The dumplings have minimal meat and are rather stuffed with lots of locally-grown cabbage as the main ingredient. The result is a tasty and healthy dish.

By all means, give Hamamatsu’s famous gyoza a try in the city where these dumplings originated.

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