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Makayaji Temple

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The Makayaji Temple garden has a Heian-period-style design that is unique to eastern Japan. The pond's layout to the gently rolling artificial hills alongside groupings of stones is stunning. This garden dates back to the early Kamakura Period. Other attractions include the wooden sculpture of Senju Kannon ("Thousand-Armed Kannon")—a designated Important Cultural Property—and a wooden statue of the guardian deity Fudo Myo-o. Makayaji Temple is also one of five temples that make up the Kohoku Gozan (The Five Temples North of the Lake).


Business HoursBusiness Hours: 9:00-16:30. Closed on August 10; temporary closures may occur.
Address421 Makaya, Mikkabi, Kita, Hamamatsu
Access・Car: 15 minutes from the Tomei Expwy (Mikkabi IC)
・Train: Take Tenryu Hamanako Railway to Mikkabi Station, then disembark and walk for 30 minutes.
・Bus: 80 minutes by Entetsu Bus from JR Hamamatsu Station (Bus Stop 15) for Mikkabi and get off at Mikkabi Bus Stop. Walk for 30 minutes.
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