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Enjoy Nature on this Cycling Tour!

4 Hours

  • Outdoor Activities

A bicycle ride is the best way to enjoy the natural scenery of Lake Hamanako! Enjoy the small things that you can’t see from a car. Please make a reservation by the day before you wish to take a tour.



Yu-Rin Kanzanji Terminal makes it easy to rent a bicycle!
Even if you rent for a full day, you can enjoy a great, eco-friendly trip with a rental cycle for 1000 yen or less.

1 hour 30 minutes by bicycle


Bay Street

This is a calm spot with a panoramic view of Lake Hamana and the ropeway. There's still a long way to go, so be sure to pace yourself!

30 Minutes by bicycle


Hosoe Bridge

This bridge marks the northern side of Lake Hamana. Take a look back; the Kanzanji area looks quite different from a distance! This area is also a popular fishing spot.

10 minutes by bicycle


Cape Prince

The Gomi Peninsula, where the Emperor's family spent many summers between 1968 and 1978, is nicknamed "Cape Prince." This peninsula, which juts out into the lake, is the perfect place to spend some quiet time.

Cape Prince - Seto Harbor by bicycle


Hamanako Cruise

We recommend the Hamanako Cruise for visitors looking to enjoy leisure time and Lake Hamanako's nature. The cruises range from 30 minutes to unlimited rides.

50 minutes by boat



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