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Okuyama Hokoji

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Okuyama Hokoji is the head temple of the Hokoji sect of Rinzai Buddhism. Surrounded by old cedar trees, the grounds are home to 500 stone arhat statues that warmly greet visitors to this mountain temple. Honored by locals, Hanzobo Daigongen (deity of the Hanzobo Shinden building) offers protection from fire and other dangers. This old temple is one of five that make up the Kohoku Gozan (The Five Temples North of the Lake).


Business HoursBusiness Hours: 9:00-16:00
Address1577-1 Okuyama, Inasa, Kita, Hamamatsu
Access・Car: 10 minutes from the Shin-Tomei Expwy (Hamamatsu-Inasa IC), 30 minutes from the Tomei Expwy (Hamamatsu West IC)
・Bus: 1 hour by Entetsu Bus from JR Hamamatsu Station (Bus Stop 15) for Okuyama and get off at Okuyama Bus Stop. Walk for 5 minutes.
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