First tea harvesting season

May 25, 2022

First tea harvesting season Shizuoka Prefecture, where Hamamatsu is located, produces the largest amount of tea in Japan. Various parts of Hamamatsu begin harvesting the first tea leaves of the season from April to May. Passersby can catch a whiff of the fresh aroma from the first harvest near tea processing factories. In fact, Japanese green tea is different from black tea and oolong tea. Since the leaves are not fermented, it is possible to taste the natural flavor of the tea leaves. Several varieties of green tea are grown in Hamamatsu, including green teas that have rich color and flavor from being cultivated on flatlands. There are also teas grown in the mountains, which are to be enjoyed lightly steamed, allowing you to notice the individual taste differences. You can even participate in Chakabuki, a game of guessing five different types of tea. This game has been played in Japan for several hundred years. Read this article for more information on Chakabuki!

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