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Takiya-Ryo offers visitors the opportunity to experience a traditional fishing method practiced locally for many years. Lights on a small boat illuminate the water, allowing passengers to catch shrimp, crabs, and red snapper fish with a spear or scooping them into a net. Participants are welcome to take home their freshly caught prawns and blue crabs. However, you can enjoy them aboard a nearby raft, where the staff will cook and serve them.


Business HoursFishing Season: From mid-May to late September
Address9985-3 Ubumi, Yuto, Nishi, Hamamatsu
Access・Car: 25 minutes from the Tomei Expwy Hamamatsu West IC
・Bus: 35 minutes by Entetsu Bus from JR Hamamatsu Station (Bus Stop 5) to Irino Yamazaki, then alight at Ubumi Asaba Bus Stop and walk for 15 minutes
・Taxi: 10 minutes from JR Maisaka Station
Inquiries053-592-2260 (Takiya Association; Reservations Required)
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