Hananomai Sake Brewery Tour in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka

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Visit Hananomai sake brewery founded in 1864 in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. On this guided tour, you’ll learn about quality sake made from natural Southern Alps Akaishi groundwater. Taste sake, create a label and take a commemorative photo.•Visit the Hananomai sake brewery (founded in 1864) in Hamamatsu City
•Learn about the sake brewing process first hand on a brewery tour
•Experience includes a guide-interpreter (English, Chinese, Indonesian, or Portuguese)
•Make a custom label for a complimentary bottle of sake (720 ml)
Visit Hananomai sake brewery in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Established in 1864, Hananomai sake brewery has been producing sake for nearly 150 years. Even today, highly-skilled sake brewers continue to fastidiously craft sake using local ingredients, including the bountiful pure underground spring water straight from the Akaishi Mountains and Shizuoka-grown rice. On this guided tour, you’ll learn how these producers make their famous pure sake together with contract farmers, using natural groundwater from the Southern Alps Akashi system and traditional ingredients. As part of the experience, you will taste sake, create a custom label, and take a commemorative photo at the store adjacent to the sake brewery. The Discerning Nature of Hananomai Sake Rice – Hananomai uses Shizuoka-grown rice for their sake. Hananomai sake makers have contracts with local farmers who grow the high-quality rice that is ideal for sake brewing. Water – Hananomai uses natural underground water that gushes forth plentifully. When Hananomai brews sake, brewers use plenty of clear underground water from the Akaishi Mountains (the Southern Alps). Technique – Even today Hananomai honors the traditions of making sake by hand. When preparing Hananomai Daiginjo (ultra-premium sake), Hananomai brewers forego the use of machines and craft each batch by hand, relying on experience and intuition. The sake brewed by the master brewer and staff is a highly refined product. The Story Behind Hananomai Hananomai (flower dance) is one of the traditional Hono Odori (dances of dedication) passed down from antiquity along the Tenryu River System. Hana (flower) represents the flower of a rice plant, a dance in which people pray for a bountiful harvest.


Date & Time10:00~、13:00~
Required Time2 hours
Max. Number of Participants2 people or more
Prices11,000 yen
LocationHananomai Brewing Co., Ltd.
Address632 Miyaguchi, Hamakita-ku, Hamamatsu-shi
AccessBy train: 5 minutes walk from Miyaguchi Station (Tenryu Hamanako Railway)
By car: 5 minutes from the Shin Tomei Hamamatsu Smart IC, 10 minutes from the Shin Tomei Hamamatsu Hamakita IC
Foreign Language SupportPlans with English, Chinese, Indonesian, or Portuguese interpreters are available.
Cancellation PolicyThis tour requires at least two participants.
You must reach the meeting place at least 10 minutes before the start time.
Please indicate your desired language for guide-interpretation: English, Chinese, Indonesian, or Portuguese.
For tour cancellations that occur earlier than seven days before the tour date, the participation fee can be reimbursed 100%.

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